Aromatherapy Blank Personal Inhaler (Single, White)


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Product Description

These blank inhaler tubes are perfect for inhalation of essential oils. Just add your essential oils to the white cotton wick, hold the tube upside down and drop the cotton wick into it, push the bottom plug in and you are ready to inhale! The tube cover will protect it.

They are easy to reuse as you can add more oil to the cotton at any time. If you want to make labels for them, we use labels that are about 1.5 inches high and wide.

Blank Personal Inhaler Instructions for Use:
1. Pull off bottom cap
2. Take out cotton wick
3. Apply 3-4 drops of desired essential oil to wick
4. Insert wick back into tube
5. Put bottom cap back on
Unscrew top tube from inside tube to inhale aroma