180 Natural Protein Superfood – 3.3lbs Chocolate


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100% NATURAL HIGH PROTEIN MEAL REPLACEMENT Quickly Replace Poor Food Choices Curbs Hunger For Hours Great for Exercise, Weight Loss & Vitality WHY WE CREATED THIS PRODUCT We realised that most people these days are: Surrounded by highly processed unhealthy ‘health’ foods, and… Short on time (aren’t we all) Our superfood blends answer the question "How can I eat really healthy food when I’m short on time?" From nourishing smoothies blended in minutes at breakfast time to preparing healthy snacks for the day, you’ll love how much you can do with 180. Eliminate cravings for fake food today and feel healthier from the inside out. Guy Lawrence & Stuart Cooke – Founders, 180 Nutrition What are the Benefits of a 180 Smoothie? Fuss-free way to have a quick nutritious meal or snack Provides nutrients quickly & easily with NO CHEMICALS It’s 100% natural & gluten free Helps regulate your natural body weight Suitable for the whole family Give your body what it needs to function at its best everyday Blend a smoothie or use 180 in your healthy recipes Our 100% Natural Ingredients