Quality of Life Serenelle 60 vcaps

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Serenelle helps increase your energy and focus by helping the body: reduce occasional stress, produce calming brain waves and improve mood.

Most anti-stress products work by sedating the central nervous system, causing drowsiness and impairing mental function. Serenelle(R) helps you de-stress while increasing your energy and focus.*

Reduces occasional stress.* A human study found that Sensoril(R) ashwagandha extract significantly reduced symptoms of occasional stress – including anxiety, heart palpitations, irritability, and sleeplessness.*

Produces calming brain waves.* L-theanine and natural PharmaGABATM have been clinically shown to increase the production of alpha brain waves – indicating a relaxed state of alertness.* Synthetic GABA does not have the same effect.

Improves mood and mental alertness.* RelesseTM lemon balm extract has been clinically shown to improve stress-induced negative mood and increase mental alertness.* Relesse is guaranteed to contain the specific constituents responsible for lemon balm’s cognitive effects.*

Balances hormones.* Sensoril has been clinically shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, while boosting the energizing hormone DHEA.*