Jarrow Formulas Buffered Vitamin C 100 tablets

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Get your daily dose of Vitamin C in one easily absorbed tablet. Vitamin C a basic antioxidant is needed for normal blood clotting and is essential in the synthesis of collagen-a necessary element for healthy connective tissue gums teeth and bones. Gentle non-acidic formula is easily absorbed and digested Vitamin C’s many benefits are thought to include support against immune system deficiencies prenatal health problems and even skin wrinkling Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties help protect against free radical damage* Wheat free gluten free soy free dairy free egg free nut free no fish/shellfish Ensure your body receives the necessary levels of vitamin C it needs for proper body function. Jarrow Formulas’ Buffered Vitamin C includes bioflavonoids-potent polyphenol antioxidants that help protect the body from free radical damage. Citrus bioflavonoids and their metabolites may contribute to cardiovascular health by minimizing free radical damage and promoting capillary integrity.* About Jarrow Formulas Jarrow Formulas’ mission is reflected in its motto: Superior Nutrition and Formulation. Jarrow offers a complete line of nutritional supplements including vitamins minerals probiotics standardized herbal concentrates amino acids enzymes and nutrition products all featuring the highest standards of purity value and potency. Working toward a goal of delivering effective affordable and cutting-edge formulations based on sound scientific research data Jarrow Formulas’ professional staff is actively involved in clinical studies and works closely with researchers from universities and other academic institutions around the world. Jarrow Formulas strives to provide the highest quality supplements to its customers for optimal health and wellbeing.