Gaia Herbs Lactation Support 60 Caps

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Supports milk production and flow with natural herbal extracts. Supports healthy nutrient composition of milk. Optimizes lactation and nutritional content of milk* Promotes healthy milk flow and production* Contains blend of blessed thistle fennel fenugreek marshmallow and red raspberry extracts GMO free 100% vegan Tested free of pesticides and heavy metals Gaia Herbs’ Lactation Support is full of healthful herbal extracts that target milk production and nutrient content to ensure consistent milk flow and easy nutritious nursing. Gaia Herbs formulated Lactation Support with fenugreek blessed thistle fennel seed marshmallow and red raspberry extracts-time-tested herbs traditionally revered for their impact on milk production.* Working together these herbs promote increased milk volume offer essential nutrients and promote optimal composition of milk.* About Gaia Herbs Since 1986 Gaia Herbs has followed strict standards when formulating their herbal remedies and medicines. Adhering to principles of purity integrity and potency Gaia Herbs carefully observes herbs through each stage of cultivation and production to ensure you receive the highest quality herbal extract possible. Today Gaia Herbs cultivates approximately 5 million individual plants each growing season delivering their powerful effects to customers nationwide.