Bucky Minnie Travel Pillow – Black

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Minnie is the biggest name in compact comfort this season. Combine delightful millet hull filling with a soft stretchy cover and you get a travel pillow that’s as fun to look at as it is to use. This little pillow is BIG on comfort but not in your bag. Snap & Go carry feature attaches Minnie securely to your bag or backpack. Super-soft fabric covers in fun fashion prints and solids. Stylish comfort has never been easier! Removable machine washable cover. Coordinates with and 40 Blinks Mask. The Minnie is filled with millet hulls which are the outer husk of the millet seed. The hulls are smooth and durable able to support the weight of your head without losing shape. Like buckwheat millet is hypo-allergenic. Millet hulls are also rich in silicic acid which when released through body heat can soothe muscle pain stimulate the metabolism and improve the immune system.